Green Parade
Cafe Parade participated in a charity event. With every member helping out in the stores, the excitement grew for their sweet performance.
003 | madoka_asuran WIKI / DOCS

Sunshine Live on the Shore
Jupiter's appeal has moved the fans' hearts. This midsummer live event was thanks to their passion that is hotter than the sun!
004 | mitsuba_to WIKI / WORDPRESS

Signlight Illumination
A blackout problem happened at a live venue where Jupiter and Shinsoku Ikkon appeared. They used their quick wits to turn their trouble into an opportunity!
007 | milaza_zo WIKI

Winter Snow Live
014 | mitsuba_to WIKI / WORDPRESS

X'mas Live 2014: -Side:Sparkling-
(Beit translation only.)
015 | izzy___315 WIKI / WORDPRESS

Idol Challenge! Judo Tournament
HighxJoker has been challenged with appearing on a special corner for an idol program to take part in judo tournament matches. The results of their training were put on full display, weren't they!
025 | nemuruoogarasu WIKI / DOCS

The Five Investigators and the Green Phantom Thief
026 | izzy___315 WIKI / WORDPRESS

Special Music Program -NEXT STAGE!-
031 | habatakisoul WIKI / TUMBLR

Smiles After the Rain
(F-LAGS translation only.)
037 | habatakisoul WIKI / DOCS

Milky Way Live 2015
038 | madoka_asuran WIKI / DOCS

Enjoy Nature to the Fullest! BBQ Camp
Altessimo and Beit are taking on the camping experience for an idol TV program! Delivering both the pains and pleasures of camping, right to your living room!
039 | dingzhu WIKI / DOCS

Summer Wedding
Mofumofuen, Yukihiro-san, and Makio-kun were casted in a newly opened wedding venue's PV! They completed it with brilliantly happy shots, didn't they?
042 | nemuruoogarasu WIKI / DOCS

Osu! Idol Cheering Squad!
043 | mitsuba_to WIKI / WORDPRESS